Industrial M & A “From the Rig to the Refinery”

INDUSTRIAL III, INC. is an Established Industrial Merger & Acquisition Professional Firm.

From the Rig to the Refinery TM, our Work is with Industrial Equipment Manufacturing and Services Companies Primarily within the Energy Industry Sectors – We Avail Shareholders who Aspire to Capitalize Their Historic Value Contained within a Privately or Closely  Held  Company.  Managing Owners Seeking to Achieve a Planned Exit Strategy via M&A Marketplace Introductions to Public Corporations, Private Equity, Institutional Financial Acquirers and/or Strategically Aligned Operating Organizations.

Since 1991, This Firm Conveys the On the Field Experience to Agilely Grasp a Diverse Understanding of Company Operations, Management, Products/Services, Markets/Sectors, and Financial Buoyancy.  These Acquired Insights Guide Distinct Activities for Each Unique M&A Assignment. Specific Identified Attributes within a Company are Conveyed to Industry Executives Across the Broad Spectrum of Global Strategic Acquiring and Investing Communities.