Corporate Acquisitional Accretion

Corporate Search – Identifying and Completing Acquisitions of Premium Businesses is Essential in the Energy Equipment and Services Industries.

Industrial III, as an Organization, was Founded in Houston, Texas in 1991. We Primarily Engage Shareholders as Operating Management of Companies as Vendors of Equipment and/or Services within the Oil and Gas Community.

These Company Operators are Burdened Daily with the Dealmakers and their Commonplace Salesmanship. Thus, it is a High Challenge to Build  and Maintain Meaningful Rapport with Shareholders of Attractive Companies, even more Arduous is to Finalize a Mutually Value-Adding Acquisition Alignment.

The M&A Objectives as Outlined by III Corporate Search Clients are Effected as We Employ a Highly Mechanized Search Development Process that is Methodical and Tenacious – Driving Success Actualization.

It is Not Always Necessary to Kiss a Number of Frogs – to Marry a Prince.